An open standard for scientific experimental design and automation.

What is Autoprotocol?

Autoprotocol is a language for specifying experimental protocols for scientific research in a way that is precise, unambiguous, and understandable by both humans and computers. Autoprotocol was originally developed at Transcriptic (now Strateos) as a way to define experiments that could be run over the internet on remote robotic automation, with the aim of moving research into the "cloud".

Since then, Autoprotocol has grown into an open standard with a rapidly growing community of users, both big and small.

Get Started!

The fastest way to get started is to read through the Autoprotocol specification and check out the autoprotocol-python library, an open source library for generating Autoprotocol-formatted protocols.

To keep track of the latest updates to the Autoprotocol standard, check out the Autoprotocol Standard Changes page.

There's a friendly community of humans to talk to if you're looking for ideas or run into trouble getting up and running.